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Get The Most From Your Website

DIY vs Outsourcing

It's no surprise that people have a tremendous fear of website development. I mean, less than five years ago you needed to speak in terms like 001556 <> /// in order to create a website. But times have most certainly changed and it will likely continue to get so easy that even the most technologically challenged person can build one. Now, weather they have the time to learn or not is another story.

Most of our clients request that we create a site for them and essentially deal with the hassel of design and content, video creation, etc. But for the most part, other than a few customized features and embedded codes, Wix, Weebly, Sqarepoint, Wordpress, and many others, allow you to easily drag and drop or upload graphics to make your site the way you want it before you publish it.

The only time I feel a business owner should NOT give it a try is when they are so busy with clients, that working on a website an fumbling around would equate to lost revenue. This is a very common philosophy among entrepreneurs. When resources are limited, many owners or CEO's, etc. feel they should not spend the money, rather take care of it themselves. However, the value of their time far exceeds the value of the fee they are spending.

We encourage our clients to learn as much as they can about technology. AG Consulting Group actually has a "meet in the middle" approach. We eliminate the need for the business owner to handle the primary set-up and integration of a new site, however, our intent is to release the site back to the business and teach them to manage it. We discuss the meaning and techniques of SEO and Ad Words, Google Analytics, etc. It's very important that everyone embrace the basic fundamentals of online branding and presence. If you want to give it a try, click here. You may find you enjoy it.