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"Highly motivated with fresh ideas and passion..."

Being a start-up is far different than being a well-established, tenured company.  Business owners and CEO's can find this quality to either be a benefit or a downfall and our clients say this sets us apart from they typical stuffy consultancy. Our challenges and work load make us relate-able, creating relationships that feel more like mutually beneficial partnerships and enjoy our energy and innovation.


"Unique. Innovative. Everyone can afford it..."

Adding four people to your team for the price of one is amazing, but knowing that the primary goal for AGC is to esatblish enough growth to support a full-time position is great.  Tracking and measuring growth trends and setting targeted goals to accomplish the task is invaluable. 

Clients love the transparency and educational value of our program.  Throughout the process, the Gurus empower companies to learn the systems and business concepts so they are more informed of techniques and tools and become self-sufficient. 


"Genuine love of what they do..."

The gurus truly become an extension of our clients' companies.  We work to learn their businesses and offer more to them than a warm body to answer a phone or itemize expenses.  How?  We find those with passion for what they do.  Perhaps they have an 8-5 desk jobs but spend weekends and nights on something they love.  With AG Consulting Group, they are able to create the steady line of income they need to ditch the desk.

AGC is a self policing, true teammate environment where everyone is accountable to themselves, the clients and each other.  Having a say in who comes on board protects the above and beyond persona and our shared vision to create a network which allows us to  follow our passions, cross-train for more flexibility, and maintain the value of time and life. 


"Simple, straightforward, and less expensive than anyone else in the industry..."

Knowing exactly what to expect, how to pay for it, and having nothing to lose is exceptional.  The Gurus identify the return before the project begins and sometimes save over 10K in annual expenses withing the first two weeks.   With four different pricing structures; flat fee, subscription, retainer, and commission-based, we are able to design a customized financial plan specific to the status and needs of the client. 

"Knowing this group of people is working to help us succeed, with the most affordable options so we can offer more to our customers, employees, and families is awesome."